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The H2A visa is a seasonal work visa in the fields of agriculture, horticulture and apiary.

  • Period of stay is a maximum of 10 months for 3 years
  • Housing is supplied by the employer/host
  • No fees or charges to the worker
  • Employer is responsible to reimburse the worker's embassy fees and travel arrangements once they have completed 75% of the work contract
  • Paperwork and process is completed by the host
  • Worker’s involvement is very minimal
  • Global Workforce handles all the necessary steps of the process

Global Workforce Fee: Application process fee is $500 and $500 per worker or $350 per worker if host has a J1 participant with CAEP plus $75 per month per worker.

  • DOL Fee: $100 plus $10 per worker

  • USCIS I-129 Petition Processing Fee: $460 (Department of Homeland Security)

  • Advertising: $400-500 (Estimate)

  • UPS Shipping: Any UPS shipping done during the process (normally 2 total labels - 1 to host and 1 to homeland security).

  • Round Trip Airfare must be provided/reimbursed after 3/4 of work contract is completed: $1,200 (Estimate)

  • Housing must be provided & the DOL/Job Service conducts a housing inspection every year

  • Highest of the Adverse Effective Wage Rate or Prevailing Wage must be paid (defined by the Department of Labor) Prevailing Wage for ND is at $13.79 p/hr. NY is at $12.38 per hour & this does change from year to year

  • Workman’s Comp must be provided

  • We will be charging a $120 retainer for audit assistance. This is good for up to 3 hours of audit time and will be reimbursed after 2 years, if not used.

The complete process can take from 75-120 days on an H2A visa, for a worker to arrive.

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